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Tiki Coladas is a webcomic by Jonathan Caustrita, published five days a week. The strip debuted on-line May 1, 2005 and focuses on one man’s ability to keep his sanity amongst the mayhem and antics during Happy Hour at his trendy hot spot club “Tiki Coladas”.  The comic centers around a popular fictional Dallas nightspot run by Nelson and his girlfriend Kat. Rounding out the cast are a variety of wildlife characters, including Miles the bartending rabbit, Portland the security pig, Bruce the maintenance beaver, Stash the paranoid squirrel and Lenny the frog puppeteer.

Tiki Coladas also offers a “Weekend Edition” posted on Saturdays that features character art and skectch work.

Jonathan Caustrita and Purple Box Studios

Purple Box Studios was founded by cartoonist and animator Jonathan Caustrita in 2008. Jonathan has a background in character design, graphics, storyboards and animation and has worked on several commercial projects including The Family Guy, The Land Before Time, Berenstain Bears, Maisy, Surfer Joe, Day of the Dead, The Peppered Leopard, Heroes Of Might and Magic 4, Jacked and Army Men.

Purple Box Studios houses the hit web strip “Tiki Coladas” on-line Monday through Friday. Upcoming projects include the sci-fi action comedy strip “Space Cops” and a children’s fantasy adventure book titled Annabelle and Oliver.

The Studio offers an online store featuring products from the Tiki Coladas web strip such as plush toys, a 160 page full color book titled Tiki Coladas: Year One! and t-shirts.

For more info please visit PURPLE BOX STUDIOS .

Purple Box Studios

Jonathan Caustrita lives is Dallas, TX with his wife and two daughters Savannah and Madelynn.

Jonathan and Esther

Jonathan Caustrita Tiki Coladas



Loved by his employees and patrons, Nelson renovated an old building and turned it into the most popular bar in Uptown. He has made happy hour the after work event and Tiki Coladas the place to be.
Known for his love of people, music and movies, nothing is more important to him than his girlfriend Kat.


Behind every great man there stands an even greater woman. She is Nelson’s love and best friend. Sexy and
intelligent, Kat is the all American girl next door who brings sanity and class to Tiki Coladas.


Tiki Coladas’ beloved and talented bartender mixes and serves drinks like a passionate work of art. He is Nelson’s loyal employee and a master of filling a glass with the best drinks in Uptown. Nothing phases this mellow rabbit.


Crude, rude, perverted and crass. This angry, Asian beaver is employed as Tiki Coladas Maintenance Slacker. Let it be known he will not work without his rum and coke.


He loves puppets and he has Tourettes. This frog is known to make hand puppets out of anything…


Hired by Nelson to assist Bruce in maintenance and upkeep for Tiki Coladas, this immigrant iguana from Mexico loves to take on any job with his trusty plunger.


Misunderstood for being medicated and paranoid, this squirrel warns of major government conspiracies and
alien invasions. He’s been abducted, probed, cloned and impregnated by aliens, possessed by a demonic spirit and stalked by a fanatic at a Furry Convention… It’s just a another day in this squirrels life.


Once the star monkey at the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus, this self proclaimed diva flew
solo to demonstrate to the world that he is “the greatest show on earth”.


Known for his incredibly seductive ways with the ladies, this millionaire playboy penguin has migrated from Antarctica to the big city enjoying life and melting hearts at club Tiki Coladas.


“Who wants to be a millionaire? ” That’s the question asked by this self made duck. Originally from the Middle East, Saiiad has gained citizenship in the U.S.A and has found success as a motivational speaker. His motto is “Why be a terrorist when you can make money selling self help CD’s?”


Alarmed by most for being an extremely large roach, this south of the border, chain smoking hombre owns a successful lawn care business. He loves nothing more than to throw down a few Tecate’s or Tequila shots during Tiki Coladas’ famous happy hour.


The hardest working insurance salesman in town. After a long day of paper pushing, this bear enjoys
nothing more than a few rounds of Guinness at Tiki Coladas.


Expelled from culinary school for being too “avant-garde”, this French chicken is now Tiki Coladas top
chef. She is known to serve up tantalizing dishes and has a personal fetish for poultry.


Once rumored to be an ex-navy seal, this pig heads security for Tiki Coladas. Taking patron frisks and
metal detector checkpoints seriously, he occasionally has to be reminded by Nelson that Tiki Coladas is just a bar and not Operation Desert-Storm.

Ed Osmand

In your face and all up in the place is what this overgrown frat boy is about. He’s Nelson’s old college room mate who moved back in town to do nothing more than hang out at Tiki Coladas for free drinks and pick up chicks.


He might be just a wood carved Tiki to most but in reality he is The Polynesian God of peace, plants, and cultivated foods. He was given to Stash as a gift by his friends and sits prominently in his apartment.

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