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March 18th, 2011

“Helping Out”

Comic for March 18, 2011

19 Responses to ““Helping Out””

  1. hiemie Says:

    That IS the BEST one all week! I love fart jokes!!! 😀

  2. kristen_doyle Says:

    LOL!! Soooooooooo GROSS!

  3. vick Says:

    Brilliant! :)

  4. Adamik Says:

    Fucking Hilarious!!!

  5. Coulthard Says:

    Oh lord that is absolutely Discusting! But I’m laughing!! Why am I laughing?!? 😀

  6. grant Says:

    I love this! Nice break from the tragedy.

  7. LSmith Says:


    Love it!

  8. Emily Says:

    I just puked in my mouth seeing Bruce’s fumes hit! LOL

  9. jason Says:

    WT—F?? lol! 😛

  10. Raji11 Says:

    Damn! I spit out my pepsi!!! Again! LMAO

  11. speenuiree Says:

    Can’t stop laughing!!

  12. Amber Says:

    John, this is so funny!

  13. Dianna P Says:

    It was Awesome to meet you earlier today! Thanks for the autographed comic!!!

    And keep up the fabulous fart strips! LOL 😀

  14. Kyrie Says:

    God that IS hysterical!!

  15. sm Says:

    Imao at Bruce lifting his leg, good form

  16. Chrissy Says:

    Run Bobby Run!
    lol 😀

  17. Ruddy Says:

    I’m surprised Buce didn’t release a little fecal matter splatter with him cloud. lmao!!

  18. George Says:

    It probably couldn’t hurt any. 😀

  19. exasexhaum88 Says:


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