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March 14th, 2011


Comic for March 14, 2011

19 Responses to ““Prayer””

  1. Lena Says:

    Okaaaay! Seriously disturbing but FUNNY!!! 😀 L-O-L

  2. MiyagiSon Says:

    that’s the bruce i know and love!

  3. Wightman Says:

    My kind of beaver.

  4. Anthony Says:

    Leave it to Bruce to deliver such heat warming sentiments. And prayers too. LMAO!

  5. no bs Says:

    GOD I love Bruce and his wicked ways!

  6. Staci Says:

    GOSH!!! 😀 Too funny!
    Bruce is a brat. He really is.

  7. jason Says:

    lmoa at bruce’s last prayer request.

  8. Chrissy Says:

    Bad Bruce, bad Bruce!

  9. Elizabeth 43G Says:

    What a bad beaver!

  10. badboy Says:

    Kat = Milf. Yes I would agree. 😉

  11. Adamik Says:

    Iggy looks lost. That’s some funny shit!

  12. grant Says:

    Oh boy. lmao! 😀

  13. TLarson Says:


  14. Richard Says:

    Bruce rises again! heeheee

  15. sm Says:

    FUNNY comic strip today!
    Love how Iggy is perplexed by Bruce’s prayer requests.

  16. Tomika Barnett Says:

    lol, Bruce need some serious spanking!!! lol 😀

  17. Funkhouzer Says:

    haa that’s funny!

  18. Katy Says:

    Lol!!! 😀

  19. Jannagirl43 Says:

    Dirty! lol 😉

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