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March 11th, 2011


Comic for March 11, 2011

16 Responses to ““Faith””

  1. David Boles Says:

    I am in the process of getting caught up on my strip reading. Yours have been superb! I like your balance of serious drama of Kat’s condition and Nelson’s support mixed with the lighter comedy antics with Bruce and company.

    Great work!

  2. Lena Says:

    OKAY, you are making me cry! No serious, very sweet and dramatic. I love the story so far!

  3. Emily Says:

    Aww!!! I have faith too!

  4. TLarson Says:

    Kat better NOT die! :(

  5. Dianna P Says:

    You are scoring points with Nelson’s loving and loyal attitude and actions for Kat!
    Kudos :)

  6. Ruddy Says:

    Nelson is really on of favorite chaeracters from the strip. He handles chaos well most of time.

  7. vick Says:

    The Doc seems little specticle. Maybe it’s because he has to realistic and practicle with Neslon.
    And he’s got hairy arms too. Just thought I’d throw that in. 😉

  8. Brian Says:

    For what it’s worth I admire Nelson’s faith too.

  9. Anthony Says:

    man some sad and traumatic stuff going on here. all should be fine for kat. hope so at least.

  10. no bs Says:

    Kat better not be killed off!!

  11. Wightman Says:

    SUCKS! Not the strip but what they are going through!


  12. Elizabeth 43G Says:

    Heart strings being tugged.

  13. George Says:

    And faith has done the impossible for a lotta people. Let’s hope it works here.

  14. MiyagiSon Says:

    good strip. to the point and humble.

  15. The Key Master Says:

    Super job on the recent comics, I’ve been playing catch up on all of it and looking forward to seeing how this all turns out for Nelson, Kat and the new baby.

  16. Katy Says:

    I’m really enjoying the story so far and I like how Nelson is facing serious problems. I just hope Kat does not die.

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