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March 8th, 2011

“Command Structure”

Comic for March 8, 2011

17 Responses to ““Command Structure””

  1. Grooto Daze Says:

    And that’s how I would run things if I was in charge.
    Rolling Bruce style. 8)

  2. sm Says:

    Iggy! I love that lizard!! lol And as usual Bruce is taking full advantage of him like an undocumented worker from Mexico. lol

  3. Paul R Says:


  4. Funkhouzer Says:

    (( BRUCE! )) Yeah own it!!

  5. Haley Says:

    Oh lord, Bruce is a little shit! LOL 😀

  6. speenuiree Says:

    I’ll have what Bruce is drinking. Looks delicious.

  7. Coulthard Says:


  8. Elizabeth 43G Says:

    Wow what a might and day difference in priority between Miles and Bruce.

  9. Chrissy Says:

    LOL Gosh Bruce, come on!!

  10. AthenaDoovna Says:

    he’s such a little naughty brat 😉

  11. Kyrie Says:

    back at the bar!! YAY

  12. vick Says:

    worked it bruce, work it.

  13. Raji11 Says:

    Don’t you just hate that?!? LMAO

  14. Tomika Barnett Says:

    Somebody spank Bruce!

  15. Funkhouzer Says:

    No! No spanking Bruce. He’s the poster boy (beaver) for all man kind. 😛

  16. Adamik Says:


  17. Dianna P Says:

    If I walked into a restroom only to find a large lizard plunging the toilet I’d proablty faint. But this is a cartoon so plunge on Iggy! :)

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