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September 3rd, 2010

“Psych Ward”

Comic for September 3, 2010

19 Responses to ““Psych Ward””

  1. AthenaDoovna Says:

    LOL!!!!! LOL!!!!!
    I love Stash and his mental ways!! 😀

  2. Lena Says:


  3. Poker Dog Says:

    dude, helmet time!
    I love me some of the stash and his helmet jokes!

  4. no bs Says:

    the fact that stash ‘wants’ to sheild himself from vagina is ca-raaaazy!

  5. Ruddy Says:

    that’s funny! 😀

  6. Spalding Grey Says:

    damn good strip!

  7. Jannagirl43 Says:

    Laugh OUT LOUD!!! Stash is absolutly nutty! 😀

  8. kristen_doyle Says:


    OK so he’s scared of vajay-jay!! lol

  9. Haley Says:

    God that’s just so messed up! lol

  10. Ruddy Says:

    I missed this yesterday so happy to see a new one up.
    But yeah, no need for a helmet to block out vagina…get me one that brings on the buffet! 😉

  11. sm Says:

    man, he’s f*cked up!


  12. TLarson Says:

    Oh LORD!

  13. Wightman Says:

    Wrong on so many levels.

  14. andar909 Says:

    I need a hemet to block out the nonsense Stash spews out. 😉

  15. speenuiree Says:

    For the love of things all female…Stash, bug off!

  16. Tomika Barnett Says:

    Ok that’s way messed up! lol

  17. Katy Says:

    seriously???? OMG!

  18. MiyagiSon Says:


  19. Brian Says:

    Good strip.
    Stash and his lunatic ways always makes for some good fun.

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