DWEX! The Dallas Webcomics Expo

August 22nd, 2010

I want to thank all the artist/cartoonist and their fans that attended DWEX! 2010. We had a great time!

Please check back with us as we plan to grow bigger and better for 2011.

Here is a group shot of the wonderful artists at the event.

DWEX Artist Group Shot 2010

13 Responses to “DWEX! The Dallas Webcomics Expo”

  1. Coulthard Says:

    Very nice! :)

  2. Anthony Says:

    When did you do that? NICE indeed!

  3. Mr.Slappy Says:

    right on.

  4. hiemie Says:

    ah look at that.
    Nerds galore. 😉

  5. grant Says:

    Dude! Congrats. Looks like it was a fun event.

  6. exasexhaum88 Says:

    very cool.

  7. Staci Says:

    I’ve been googling dwex comments and it sounds like you got some good support. :)

  8. jason Says:

    bad ass group shot jsut like in school.

  9. Poker Dog Says:

    Good for you guys!

  10. The Mitchell Says:

    I will be there next year!

  11. Anthony Says:

    Looks great. I will have to try and go next year. :)

  12. LSmith Says:

    Hey, nice.

  13. hiemie Says:

    I read some good posts about the con, count me in next year.

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