DWEX! The Dallas Web Comics Expo Saturday 8-21-2010 at The Southfork Hotel in Plano, TX

August 2nd, 2010

DWEX! The Dallas Web Comics Expo


Just a reminder that we are about to embark on our second convention known as “DWEX! The Dallas Web Comics Expo” on Saturday August 21, 2010 at the Southfork Hotel in Plano, TX.

DWEX! Is a con started by web comic artists/creators Thomas Overbeck, Michael Moreno and Myself in order to celebrate web comics and it’s fans.

We had a fantastic and successful event last year in 2009 and we are looking forward to this years event! We have a lot of fun stuff planed such as comics trivia, panels with the web comic artists and writers, kid’s sections with Sonic The Hedgehog Gaming center and a make your own web comic table as well as plenty of mayhem. Keep an eye out, you might see some characters running amuck to take your picture with!

Bring the whole family for a fun filled day at DWEX! Admission is only $5.00 and kids 7 and under are free!

Oh, and if you like to dress up in your favorite sci-fi, hero, film or comic character please do so. We know you like the attention… 😉

See you at DWEX!



DWEX! The Dallas Web Comics Expo Click to add this event to your calendar
When Saturday, August 21, 2010
Where The Southfork Hotel
1600 N. Central Exressway
Plano, TX 75074
Event Type Family
Notes DWEX! The Dallas Web Comics Expo
8-21-2010 11 AM – 6 PM
at The Southfork Hotel in Plano, TX.
Admission $5.00 – Children 7 and Under Free!

A convention celebrating Web Comics, Cartoons, Sci-Fi/Fantasy and Movies featuring artists from The Dallas/Fort Worth area as well as out of town cartoonists. Sponsored by Dr Pepper/Snapple, Amazing Jakes Pizza, Titan Comics and Keith’s Comics.Prizes will be given out to attendees from Amazing Jakes, Titan Comics and Keith’s Comics all day PLUS free Dr Pepper products including Iron Man Dr Pepper cans, RC Cola, Venom Energy Drinks and Moon Pies!

Enjoy a day of web comics and sci-fi/fantasy bliss. Q&A panels with the artists, featured trivia and hosted games, children’s cartoon and video gaming center and silent art auctions with proceeds to The Texas Scottish Rite Hospital For Children and Bryan’s House.

Come dressed as your favorite cartoon, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Video Game, Super Hero or Movie Character!

23 Responses to “DWEX! The Dallas Web Comics Expo Saturday 8-21-2010 at The Southfork Hotel in Plano, TX”

  1. no bs Says:

    I want to know where all the fine women are coming from?
    Damn I a’m so in the wrong profession. :(

  2. JOSEFINA Says:

    So KWEL!!!

  3. hiemie Says:

    Thank you for the dwex info. Looking forward to going.
    Subscribing to the rss feed =/

  4. Mr.Slappy Says:

    Sounds good.

  5. Richard Says:

    Hey John, congrats on the con! Keep us posted with photos.

  6. Amber Says:

    YAY!!! I’ll see you there! :)
    *clap clap clap*

  7. LSmith Says:

    Sounds like it will be a fun event. Good luck.

  8. Raji11 Says:


  9. Brian Says:

    Hey, that’s neato.

  10. Lena Says:

    Very exciting and cool! Will you be doing conventions outside of Dallas?

  11. Adamik Says:

    Wish I could go, sounds like a good nerdy time. 😉

  12. vick Says:

    Excellent! Good luck with the event.

  13. Jannagirl43 Says:

    yay!!! can’t wait! See u there! 😀

  14. exasexhaum88 Says:

    I’m sorry but what is this Dwex thing about? I got distracted by the babe in the Miles bunny ears…DAMN!

  15. Anthony Says:


  16. Clarissa Says:

    Awesome news! :)

  17. badboy Says:


  18. Dianna P Says:

    I shall see you all there.
    *finding my oversexed female Anime constume now*


  19. Wightman Says:

    I wish I could go.

  20. Staci Says:

    Wow! How neat is that?

  21. andar909 Says:


  22. jason Says:

    Well that is just super isn’t it? 😉

  23. Capt. Glick Says:

    Kick Ass!

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