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April 6th, 2010

“Security Problems”

Comic for April 6, 2010

16 Responses to ““Security Problems””

  1. LSmith Says:

    Brilliant! That’s your best strip in a while!

  2. Mack Zack Says:

    Damn that’s funny as hell!
    Kick ass strip!

  3. Elizabeth 43G Says:

    Yes I am up late and reading all my web strips. Thanks for the giggles, this one was worth the late night read. :)

  4. AthenaDoovna Says:

    LOL! Sooooo SICK! 😛

  5. Richard Says:


  6. Wightman Says:

    Better break out the hand sanitizer.

  7. andar909 Says:

    Okaaaay! Seriously gross but very very funny!!! lol 😀

  8. Clarissa Says:

    Oh LORD! LOL

  9. Brian Says:

    That’s the funniest strip I’ve read all week!

  10. speenuiree Says:

    Imagine the funk on those hands???? lmao!

  11. TLarson Says:

    wtf???? freaking nasty!

  12. Funkhouzer Says:

    I’m speechless.

  13. no bs Says:

    There should be an extra charge for anal checks. ahahahahaha

  14. hiemie Says:

    lmao off at “going commando”! 😛

  15. Amber Says:

    OMG! Incredibly GROSS!!

  16. John Says:

    lmao off at “going commando”!

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