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April 5th, 2010

“Easter Bunny Celebrity”

Comic for April 5, 2010

15 Responses to ““Easter Bunny Celebrity””

  1. Ruddy Says:

    OK, now that’s funny!

  2. Coulthard Says:

    Miles looks like he could be the Easter bunny so more power to him.
    Make that $$ bunny!

  3. AthenaDoovna Says:

    Cute! 😀

  4. Funkhouzer Says:

    Good one! He should get a part time gig as the Easter Bunny.

  5. MiyagiSon Says:

    He should charge 80 an hour.

  6. exasexhaum88 Says:

    Death by bunny!
    *wink, wink*

  7. Jordan Says:

    Very funny! :)

  8. hiemie Says:

    I can imagine Miles frustrated with a long line of screaming kids taking their pictures with him as the easter bunny! LMAO!

  9. Lanzilotta Says:

    Ooh! I want one of those drinks!

  10. andar909 Says:

    Nelson’s baffled look is hilarious.

  11. Spalding Grey Says:


  12. Wightman Says:

    God if only we could see that!

  13. Wightman Says:

    And by the way, I’m digging that drink Miles is pouring. Is that A Tiki Coladas? 😉

  14. LSmith Says:

    I want that drink!

  15. jason Says:

    good one

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