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November 9th, 2009


Comic for November 9, 2009

19 Responses to ““Revealed””

  1. Clarissa Says:

    OMG!!! A GIRL!!!

  2. Brian Says:

    Oh man, Nelson’s got his hands full.

  3. Adamik Says:


  4. exasexhaum88 Says:


    OKAY, things have just got interesting. 😉

  5. LSmith Says:

    This should be good!

  6. Neal SR Says:

    A Girl! Congrats!

  7. Dianna P Says:

    I love that they are having a girl. :)
    Lots of antics for Nelson as a dad to get into.

  8. MiyagiSon Says:

    it’s on now!

  9. Poker Dog Says:

    excellent toon!

  10. Wightman Says:

    I’ve got the strong feeling that their daughter will have Nelson wrapped around the finger. lol 😀

  11. Amber Says:

    YAY!! OMG!!! A Girl? :)
    So sweet! Yes, I know it’s just a cartoon strip. lol!

  12. Staci Says:

    A girl! Aww! Very sweet! 😀

  13. TLarson Says:

    Damn! Should have been a boy.

  14. speenuiree Says:

    So exciting!

  15. Lanzilotta Says:

    LOL!!! I totally feel for him!! 😉

  16. no bs Says:

    haa haaa, good strip!

  17. Spalding Grey Says:

    Brilliant!! Oh and funny too. 😉

  18. Jordan Says:

    lol! Poor guy!

  19. Grooto Daze Says:

    Nelson has serious issues.

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