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October 28th, 2009

“Frustrated Beaver”

Comic for October 28, 2009

20 Responses to ““Frustrated Beaver””

  1. Adamik Says:

    Ooh! I want to go to Victoria’s Secret!! 😀

  2. Coulthard Says:

    Bruce has found his match!

  3. exasexhaum88 Says:

    Good strip

  4. MiyagiSon Says:

    I think the most hilarious part of this strip are the people staring at Iggy and Bruce, totally freaked out by seeing an iguana and beaver in the mall.

  5. Poker Dog Says:

    guys don’t get messages together. period.

  6. Super*Star Says:

    Bruce has serious anger issues. LOL

  7. TLarson Says:

    God’s gift to earth…Victoria’s Secret! 😉

  8. Raji11 Says:


  9. Funkhouzer Says:

    what are they shopping for?

  10. andar909 Says:

    LOL! Iggy tests Bruce big time! 😀

  11. badboy Says:

    As long as the messages are performed by the Victoria Secrets models I’m down with that.

  12. Amber Says:

    Aww how sad! Poor Iggy is trying to be polite to Bruce!
    Naughty, naughty Bruce!!! That’s a BAD BEAVER! lol 😉

  13. Chrissy Says:

    Ooh! I want a message!

  14. hiemie Says:


  15. jason Says:

    Victoria Secretes is hotness heaven.

  16. Lanzilotta Says:

    Iggy is really cute! :)

  17. no bs Says:

    Bruce is a wuss.

  18. Esther Says:

    Iggy is so sweet

  19. Amber Says:


    I’m listening to you doing an Interview on Light Box!!! :)

  20. Staci Says:

    omg!! Bruce is in for it again

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