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October 24th, 2009

“Weekend Edition – Nelson and Kat Character Work”

Comic for October 24, 2009

8 Responses to ““Weekend Edition – Nelson and Kat Character Work””

  1. Capt. Glick Says:

    Hey there, looks cool.

  2. Elizabeth 43G Says:

    Very nice John. :)

  3. FazzerVaretum Says:

    Thanks for posting these. I very much enjoy the bonus sketch work.

  4. Wightman Says:

    Keep it up.

  5. TLarson Says:

    ahh NICE.

  6. Quiroz Says:

    New to your cartoon and site! Superb work sir!

  7. Lanzilotta Says:

    So cool!! 😀

  8. Mr.Slappy Says:

    Bad ass as usual. Damn I wish I could draw! :(

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