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June 17th, 2009

“An Essential Token”

Comic for June 17, 2009

15 Responses to ““An Essential Token””

  1. Dr. Soran Says:

    Ahh yes! Being a male has it’s joys! “Clueless bliss”.

    Excellent strip!

  2. AthenaDoovna Says:

    A Walmart ring???? :( lol

  3. speenuiree Says:

    this is going to be good!

  4. Capt. Glick Says:

    Women can be sensitive about the ring thing. hmmm Nelson can;t be that naive?

  5. LSmith Says:

    *drum roll*
    Boom! Kat says NO!
    My prediction, anyway. 😉

  6. Jordan Says:

    I think he’s being sweet! Yes, I know — a Wal-Mart engagement ring isn’t probably the wisest choice but still, it’s coming from his heart right? They have a baby on the way and all he wants to do is marry her and be a good dad. But he is acting and saying things in the wrong way..maybe it’s because he’s scared? Give him a break people! LOL 😀

  7. Amber Says:

    “clueless” is right! Come Nelson!! You know better than that!!! Girls love the big rocks on the hand!! lol
    I do give him kudos for his love for Kat! :)

  8. no bs Says:

    AHHHH! Yes!
    To be clueless IS bliss! Love the cartoon today! Keep it up.

  9. Hiemie Says:

    I’ll take Kat if Nelson drops the ball.

  10. jason Says:

    He’s got a point.

  11. Mr.Slappy Says:

    mublah!! God that was a funny one!

  12. Jannagirl43 Says:

    OMG! That is crazy and wacky!!! NO Walmart rings!!!!!! LOLOLOLOLOL!! 😀

  13. Kyrie Says:

    Geez! lol Yeah, being clueless is most def a male joy. Or trait. hahaha

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  15. Neal SR Says:

    decent strip.

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